5 Best Porn & Sex Cam Sites That Accept Bitcoin

The truth is that Bitcoin is slowly taking over the porn industry. More and more cam websites are offering this cryptocurrency as a method of payment alongside the standard ones such as PayPal, credit cards and others. And while there is nothing wrong with the payment methods you have been using for your online porn experiences so far, perhaps it is time to consider switching to Bitcoin.


Live Jasmin Live Cam Site

Well, another Bitcoin cam site that I love and totally recommend you to visit is LiveJasmin and they have thousands of live models ready to please you in every possible way at any given time.

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Chaturbate Live Cam Site

I am kinda addicted to the Chaturbate and it is one of these places on the web that I can spend hours every single night and I never get bored of it. The good thing is that you can now use your Bitcoin funds to buy tokens on their site and then have a live sex with girls of your dreams.

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XLoveCam Cam Site

I bet that you guys are going to like what you see on the XLoveCam which is a European live cam site that offers us high quality video streams of sexy girls, horny men and trans hots from all around the world.

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Flirt4Free Cam Site

This list would not be complete without Flirt4Free which is another awesome Bitcoin porn site that is worth signing up. F4F is featuring over 400 chat rooms all the time and their live cam models take BTC for their private shows.

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What Is Bitcoin?

Before we talk about the benefits of paying with cryptocurrency for your adult content, let’s first take a moment to explain what Bitcoin actually is.

Simply put, Bitcoin is an internet currency. It is a form of digital money without a central bank or one person (or an entity) that oversees it. It can be sent from person to person as a direct method of payment for products and services, including your favorite porn 🙂

You can obtain bitcoins either through receiving them from others or you can purchase bitcoins with your credit card in one of many bitcoin exchanges you can find on the internet.

Bitcoin And Porn Sites

The reason this cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular on adult sites is that paying with bitcoins is the most anonymous payment method currently available.

These transactions involve no intermediaries or third parties, and you can be as anonymous as you would like when purchasing adult content of any kind, especially live cam shows. Nothing will show up on your bank statements and no one has to know what websites you visited or what you gave money for.

You will agree that this is something many people need when it comes to online porn. Near-complete anonymity means that your naughty activities and kinks you are into are as safe from the outside world as they can possibly be.

The second, more practical reason, why bitcoins are efficient as a payment method is that you do not have to wait for the transaction to go through. Bitcoin payment is almost instantaneous, so you can get your hands on the goods you bought without any hold-ups.

Any Downsides to Bitcoin?

As with anything, Bitcoin is not perfect. While this currency offers obvious advantages when it comes to online payment, it also comes with some drawbacks.

Namely, Bitcoin transactions are non-refundable. Once you pay using Bitcoins, you can not get them back if for whatever reason you are not happy with your service or fail to receive the product you bought.

This is why you must do some research on the Bitcoin porn website you are planning on signing up for or buying something from.

Which is exactly the reason for this site!

If you are only beginning your journey with Bitcoin or if you are already a veteran and considering using the cryptocurrency for your online porn needs, then you are just in the right place.

Here, you will find detailed lists of secure and trusted porn sites that accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. Most of them are cam sites, but you will find some other spicy gems as well.

All you need to do is choose which site you will first visit, and you are all set! Happy porning!

Is LiveJasmin Best Bitcoin Live Porn Site?

Live Jasmin Live Cam Site

In short, yes, it is, but why would you believe me? Maybe it’s better to do your own research, as it goes with anything in life, but who’s even got time for that? That’s why I’ve decided to deliver you all the information on a plate because everyone deserves to know why LiveJasmin is the superior crypto live porn site.

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Bitcoin is the absolute safest way you can purchase things, especially when they’re online-based. Paying for services like cam sex has become increasingly harder to hide, or to simply keep under the veil of secrecy because we’ve all got out dirty little secrets, but it no longer has to be when you’re taking advantage of blockchain technology.

It’s Been on the Top for Years

It’s hard to deny the absolute dominance of LiveJasmin, and Bitcoin has a similar story, so the two pairing together seems like kind of a logical move. Even though many were hesitant to implement such a payment system on their live sex cam sites, LiveJasmin has seen the potential and decided to do what’s best for its users.

The secret is in trust, it’s built on offering the best entertainment the industry has ever seen, and it’s all based on strict rules and regulations. Seeing as models are held in high regard, they’ve put equal effort into performing at their very best, creating an environment where anyone could treat themselves to dream-like sex shows.

Whenever there was space for improvement, LiveJasmin has been on the forefront, from the very first day, and they don’t seem to stop. Many have tried to dethrone it, but it never seems to work because no one has dared to take risks for the sake of long-term betterment, and as it seems, no one ever will.

Built By the People for the People

We all know the reason behind Bitcoin’s rampant success, it is created with the sole purpose of no one being able to control it, unlike countries and banks which hold a tight grip on currencies. Instead of fearing for your safety, leaving money trails whenever you purchase something, it’s totally anonymous.

This brings us back to the beginning, you might not want to take a chance and reveal your true identity to someone who could abuse that knowledge. Even if the chances are slight, you don’t want to take those chances and it’s understandable. In that regard, it seems like Bitcoin and live porn cams are a match made in heaven, they complement each other too well.

Another thing that’s becoming all too important is quickness, we’re used to micromanaging our time, so every minute matters and BTC manages to cut that waiting time during your purchases to the absolute minimum. Whenever you’re buying credits on LiveJasmin, that waiting is entirely cut off, so you can enjoy your stay with a smile on your face.

All The Cam Sex Bitcoin Can Buy

Once you set yourself up with some credits, it’s time to take a deep dive into the models, and that’s where the real gold hides. They’re fantastic, no other site has such a bunch of pretty faces and perfect bodies except LiveJasmin. You’ve got hotties left and right, maiming you into their private shows without even showing off their fully naked bodies.

And wouldn’t you know it, it works like a charm, you just have to see more, and they aren’t going to let you down. Once you’re there, only you and a sexy model, there’s nothing that matters anymore, you’ll lose control watching her do all the things you’ve ever imagined, but every bit will be worth it.

Another reason why LiveJasmin is the best Bitcoin live porn site is the fact that you can even have a model on-call. Your favorite one will respond in no time, and you’ll pick up right where you ender last time. There are plenty of technical reasons as well, like a must-have HD equipment for models, simple, yet effective filtering, and additional content from models, and other quality of life updates.


When you mention LiveJasmin and Bitcoin in one sentence, it makes perfect sense. It’s a clash of titans, only this time they’re in a loving embrace, crushing all competition in front of themselves. As a master of pleasure, this sex cam site is doing what it does best, offering incredibly immersive sexual services.

At the same time, Bitcoin is busy securing your money, and quickly, safely, transferring it to your account. Prepare yourself for the wildest nights of arousal and deep carnal pleasures, that’s what you’re guaranteed on LiveJasmin when smartly choosing to pay with crypto.

2 Top Adult Bitcoin Websites

Have a few spare bits lying around and want to spoil yourself with some gifts? Maybe our 2 top adult Bitcoin websites can help you with that, and in return, you’ll get sexy shows with hot models as a real treat. Perhaps you’re just looking for a safe way to browse through live cams, and we all know who’s the king of anonymity.

Despite cryptocurrency being so superior in all aspects of online payments, there aren’t a lot of trustworthy sites loaded with content out there. To make things easier for all of you, we have prepared a list that lays all the facts before you, and will hopefully make the choice easier.


Behold everyone, the king of private shows, LiveJasmin is a gem, a garnet that shines so brightly from the moment it stepped into the scene, and it only got brighter ever since Bitcoin was implemented into it. You must have heard the name, maybe even visited the site at one point in time, but didn’t stick around because it all seemed too good to be true.

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Well, flash news; it is! The picture-perfect models are kind of hard to believe in, where do they even find these dazzling guys and gals? That’s something we don’t have an answer to, but you can rest assured that all of them are really that beautiful, and responsible for plenty of boners and wet pussies around the world.

It’s no wonder that they were one of the firsts in the online camming business to implement such technology as Bitcoin. LiveJasmin is a site that’s always ready to innovate for the sake of users, their safety, and mutual gratification. The user-friendly and smooth interface is also a big plus because it makes everything much easier.

Most importantly, the private adult shows are what matters the most, and they’re perfect, no more, no less. You’ll get the chance to fulfill your wildest dreams with some of the most erotically engaging individuals, who are working hard to bring you to amazing orgasms, making LiveJasmin an option worth exploring.


Who said you can’t get quality and quantity at the same time? Chaturbate has some of the highest numbers of performers in the world, and along with them, they attract insane amounts of viewers. As a result, you are able to spend those Bitcoins safely on any type of show you want, even the fetish-based ones.

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If you’re into bondage, group sex, humiliation, or something a bit more mainstream like foot fetishism, and anything in between, this live webcam site is where you find it. You don’t even need to use your tokens to find out if it’s your kind of thing or not, most, if not all models, are getting filthy in their live chats.

You can either tip them, which is used as a control system for their toys, making them vibrate faster for a select number of seconds, and also help them reach the next goal which awards the viewers with a spicier show on this amazing porn Bitcoin site. Or you can choose a private chat where they loosen up completely and surely blow your socks off with orgasm-inducing performances.

It’s not that rare that you’ll have a couple of tabs open at the same time, there are too many good shows to watch, and their streaming times usually overlap. Chaturbate is simply one of those sites where every moment counts, you’ll edge yourself to the max just to watch another minute of a show.


These 2 top adult Bitcoin sites are listed here for a reason, they’re both newbie-friendly, if you’re a first-timer, then don’t worry, using them couldn’t be any easier. At the same time, they’re offering professional adult entertainment where your eyes are going to get glued to the screen while jerking off, no matter if it’s your first or a hundredth time.

Cryptocurrency makes everything much easier, it’s an age-old story of our privacy getting stripped away until it finally got rolled back with blockchain technology. Luckily LiveJasmin and Chaturbate have it implemented, and we couldn’t be any happier, no more dread of getting outed for watching porn, just pure pleasure, and relaxation.

Bitcoin Cam Sites

There’s nothing like Bitcoin to make your adult cam site browsing rounded up with anonymity and security, but there aren’t a lot of quality sites out there that you can spend it on. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find enough for your needs, which is why we’re here to make it easy for you.

Our list is nit-picked with the finest out of the bunch, and coincidentally they’re one of the all-around best sites at this moment. You will be able to find any niche that makes your heartbeat go faster, find the models that fit your preference, and make sure that you’re experiencing everything vividly in high-quality streams.


There’s a reason why this site is at the top of the list, and it’s all thanks to their stunning performers. The ladies, both gay, straight, and trans are stunningly beautiful, it’s almost hard to believe that you’re having such a pleasure to even talk, let alone share some intimate moments together.

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The website design is well known far and wide, with its characteristic red color, simplicity of use, and memorable features. It’s worth noting that every model is equipped with HD cameras, there is a certain standard that needs to be upheld, and it’s all working towards ensuring you have the best possible experience.

Of course, you will need to pay for the shows, so does everyone, and Bitcoin is the way to go. It’s been around on LiveJasmin for a long time now, longer than it is on any other cam site, and the pot is sweetened with bonus credits upon sign-up, which goes up to 100%. So in hindsight, you’re getting the pleasure, the privacy, and the great price which is hard to be beaten by anyone else.


Speaking of giants in the industry, Chaturbate is definitely a place to stop for pretty much any casual user of cam sites. You will find all kinds of variety here, it’s packed to the brim with entertainers from all walks of life, amateurs, professionals, solo performers, gangbangers, and anything else you can think of.

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Right off the bat, you’ll notice how many people are both watching and performing, the numbers are sometimes hard to wrap your mind around, but I can assure you that they’re real. It certainly doesn’t look flashy, there’s no need for it, you’re here to ease your mind, and the people behind this site want you to have a smooth sail, simplicity works wonders sometimes.

You can bet that a lot of people are exchanging their Bitcoin into tokens, which translates into hours of fun in live sex rooms. Private shows are also a thing, and they are the most popular amongst the crypto users, and why not, all the filthy stuff happens there, so if you’re going all in, you better double down and make it worth your time.


Fetishists, welcome! XLoveCam is a real treat for anyone who likes to try out new things, and it’s so worth it. You will see why there’s a steady influx of new users on this webcam site, and it’s because they’re doing everything right, from the filtering options, over customer support, to lusty guys and gals, everything is spot-on.

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Some models are so good that you’ll get obsessed over them, you’ll want to know more, what their hobbies are when they stream, or you’ll just get that jerk-off material through the free pics. It’s a great way to bond with an online personality, and for all you diehards out there, you can purchase a VIP subscription to get even more intimate.

Great sites are measured by their ability to innovate and adapt to the market, and right now Bitcoin is the hottest thing, so it’s no wonder XLoveCam has it nailed down. They are going down the right path, ahead of the competition of their level, so it’s just a matter of time before it’s sharing space with the aforementioned duo of cam sites.


If a site seems like a scam, then it probably is, it’s so hard to sort out the bad from the good nowadays with everyone looking to earn a quick buck. We’ve all been there, but thanks to the power of the internet, you can spare yourself the suffering and jump straight into the action.

Of course, you should be extra cautious, it never hurts to bring in another layer of security. Bitcoin is the superior payment processing option, with no traces, no long wait times for your funds, you can always count on it to protect and serve you as you deserve.

Live Bitcoin Porn Shows

There’s no need to introduce Bitcoin, it’s well known by both young and old, but some still don’t grasp the full appeal of using it for payments, and it’s especially important if your online entertainment is adult-industry related. There’s a plethora of evidence directing at banks and the traces they leave behind, which makes paying with credit cards a not so smart decision.

Where your credit cards report back to the bank, and they keep all your purchase records, Bitcoin does the opposite by making you completely anonymous. That’s why live Bitcoin porn shows are one of the most sought for sexual adventures, you’re getting all the action without the risk.

The secret hides behind their blockchain technology, it’s one big database, but instead of being controlled by one entity, it has no overlord since the computers doing all the work are randomly assigned all over the world. This makes BTC immune to control since no one is able to have all the information in their hands, no one knows what you’re doing with your money.

To explain it in simple tongue, to trade bitcoin all you need is an online wallet, this wallet also doesn’t have your name on it, and no one but you can access it. Every transaction you make can’t be traced, it’s impossible, so if you’re doing all those “dirty” things by yourself, they will stay only your little secret.

Surely you know what the whole gist around sex cams is, the cravings and fetishes you never were able to fulfill with your spouse or a significant other, be it something like BDSM or more vanilla, like trying out exotic girls or guys, now you can express them, show your artistic side and paint a picture with that cum you’ll be busting on your ceiling.

It’s far easier knowing you have nothing to worry about, just make sure to lock all the doors to spare yourself some embarrassment, Bitcoin can’t save you from that one. What it can do is allow you to safely surf the cam sites, and maybe even rake you up an award, it’s not that unheard of that some sites offer bonus tokens if you go with crypto.

How much better can it get? You’re getting free stuff alongside all the jerk-off sessions, it’s like a match made in heaven. And also, if you’re not the type of a guy who is going to throw all of his eggs in one basket, you can keep the bits and watch them grow, if we’re to follow the constant growth Bitcoin has had over the years, it’s quite plausible.

Now compare that to anything else, try to think of a thing that is going to help you keep your money, make it grow, and earn you discounts just because you’re using it, I’ll help you, there was never anything like it before. Credit cards are just inferior, they have revolutionized our lifestyle, but technology advances and Bitcoin is the answer to our prayers.

Let’s not get all soft over here, there still might be some issues, right? From the standpoint of your safety, it’s all cool, the point still stands, but one of the problems is scam sites. Since Bitcoin is impenetrable by hackers, scammers are building fake sites and stealing money since it’s untraceable, and you have no way to prove it.

Now, you can evade this issue by using only the trusted cam sites, the ones at the very top who are as professional as it gets. This way you’re like a monkey in a hammock, gripping that banana, playing with it, no care in the world while you’re swaying left and right, in total bliss, as should be.

Live Bitcoin porn shows are a fusion of the oldest profession on earth, with new technology, and they work in perfect symbiosis. So next time you go on a top-rated site, make sure to use your wallet only so you can stay happy and safe in the comfort of your home while the models sate your cravings.

Bitcoin Porn Sites In 2021

With each year there are more porn websites accepting Bitcoin as their payment option, but before the dust settles, it’s safer if you know which ones are worth it. There’s no doubt that some will take advantage of Bitcoin being untraceable and scam people, so it’s better if you have some sort of a guide.

There are plenty of things to take into consideration, like the quality of a website and the content it offers, so you can have an enjoyable experience from start to finish. We have three of them prepared, there sure are some others, but what they have to offer is in no way compatible with customer’s needs.


Live Jasmin Live Cam Site

Ever since Bitcoin broke into the market, fans have been vocal about their desire to pay for content on cam sites with them, and LiveJasmin was amongst the first ones to implement it. They surely have paved the way for others, which is one of the reasons why this site is a number one pick.

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There certainly are other reasons for such a high ranking, from the technical perspective, it runs flawlessly, even pioneering some features like previews playing if you hover with the mouse over a chat window. The filters are neatly designed to not take much space, leaving the focus on what matters the most.

Those would, of course, be the models, it’s hard to put in words how good they are, so it’s best if you make sure by seeing with your own eyes. From the very beginning to the time you’ll be reaching full-body orgasms (yes, multiple), they are dedicated to leaving a good impression and treating you like a king.


While the main focus of Chaturbate is their live shows where you can tip along with other users for immersive live shows, the private ones aren’t lacking either. Bitcoin is a major contributor to an increased number of visitors, although it’s not like they were low, but there is always room for improvement.

Click Here To Visit Chaturbate Site!

The minimalistic design of this site is one of its trademarks, it doesn’t try to be flashy or luxurious, because it’s made for regular people. The prices surely reflect that statement, you won’t have to spend a whole lot to bust a nut, although you always can if you’re looking for something specific.

“Couples” section is what this site is best known for, more often than not featuring a group of guys and girls, and the shows can last for hours, so long that you would need a tub of lube if you’re about to watch the show from start to finish.


If there was an easy way to describe XLoveCam, I would say that it’s like a love child of LiveJasmin and Chaturbate, it will remind you a bit of both, but it’s doing everything in its own way. This site is deserving of its place amongst the stars of Bitcoin porn sites, the attention to detail is its greatest strength.

Click Here To Visit XLoveCam Site!

The model bio is so detailed that you’ll have information to chew on for days, from their interests to how often they stream, and plenty of other little nuances. Alongside the categories, you won’t have issues finding someone who fits your dreamlike description, or maybe you’ll find someone even better.

It may come as a surprise to some, but most of the girls are able to speak three languages on average, and not in the “I can understand some” kind of way, and since they are from Europe, it’s quite understandable, but impressive nonetheless. It’s the same for male and tranny performers, they are equally an important part of the structure that is XLoveCam.


It may be more fun to discover some things on your own, it’s in our nature to be curious, but getting a cheap thrill in exchange to get stolen from is not a good bargain. That’s why you should go with the ones that are 100% checked and safe to use, and when you’re using Bitcoin on them, there’s nothing to lose sleep over.

On the contrary, you will sleep better knowing that no one is able to figure out your true identity, or that something’s going to happen with your hard-earned money. Add a site like LiveJasmin into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination to get you through any hardships.

Bitcoin And Porn Industry

With every new technology that sprouts, the porn industry takes advantage of it, not only because it brings in a breath of fresh air, but because it also makes the user experience better. Nothing so far has been nearly as impactful as Bitcoin, which has brought back security into our online payment systems. We have seen a lot of things implemented throughout the years, the adult industry went from gallery sites to porn tubes, and then cam sites.

With each of them making the next leap towards innovation and accessibility of lifelike content to which you can relax and have some alone time in a more engaging fashion. Cam sites, in particular, were not always mainstream, at least until global computing and streaming standards didn’t reach an admirable level of quality and speed.

The thing is, no one wants to pay for subpar content, but hopefully, that’s all behind us now, and we can engage with models over the internet without any worries for quality. Sometimes it’s not all about quality though, one of the main issues we face today is our privacy, which has been slowly stripped away, but we can always fight back for it.

In the modern era, there is no need to fight our battles physically, we can do it simply by taking part in something for a bigger cause. Since its inception, Bitcoin has been under the magnifying glass of many, simply because of the safety and decentralized system it offers towards paying for any type of service without leaving any breadcrumbs which lead back to the user.

Just think about your credit card, it’s connected to a bank, which is connected to the government, and everyone in between is able to see what you were up to lately. There are also credit card statements, which are basically a paper trail towards something like porn that you would rather keep a secret.

The private life should stay what it is, private, far from those who poke their nose in someone else’s business, and the cryptocurrency’s blockchain technology keeps it your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to hide it from someone or want to decrease your chances of getting the money mishandled or stolen, Bitcoin offers you total anonymity.

From the moment you decide to tune in to some private shows, you will be obliged to provide your payment info, and sometimes there are hackers preying on people, but with Bitcoin, your money is safe, and your account unbreachable.

Some sites offer memberships, with ongoing monthly payments automatically included unless you remember to unsubscribe your credit card, or you don’t take a chance and go with crypto. Regarding safety, it can’t get any better, at least from all the payment options included in porn sites, you can be without a single worry that someone is magically going to empty your account.

No need to receive confirmation e-mails, no annoying waiting times for the payment processing, saving you some precious time. The camming industry is on the rise, sweeping new grounds quickly, so it’s not surprising that the best out there work with Bitcoin, it’s what the people have been longing for.

Every time you decide to check out an erotic live show, remember what hardships might come your way if you’re not carefully planning every step of the way. Who knows, you might be careless once, and your house of cards falls to the ground, of you can build yourself a stable home with Bitcoin, and not have to worry over any of that.

Chaturbate Bitcoin Porn Site

Chaturbate Live Cam Site

The leader of the free world, at least when Bitcoin cam sites are in question, but the greatest fun on Chaturbate comes from your interaction with models. You can always tip some tokens to performers, and it elevates your ability to get immersed in the show because they will dance as you play.

Click Here To Visit Chaturbate!

Be it if there are remote-controlled toys that vibrate depending on your smaller tips, or you get to throw a fat one and orchestrate a nasty orgasm, you can do as you please because it’s what you desire. That’s the only thing that matters, and going private sets a different tone, as interactions with hot performers take a personal turn.

What are the top Bitcoin porn sites which you should visit today? You can see them all on the BitcoinPornSite and you are going to love them without a doubt.

Both of these options are good, there’s no saying which one is better, it’s up to you to decide what you would rather do, depending on personal preferences and kinks. Before you even reach the point of rubbing one out with some online company, it’s important to address your paying options.

We all know what credit cards are, that piece of plastic that contains everything you need on itself, but it’s time to go green-friendly and switch over to online payments. There are multiple benefits, as time has progressed, having banks poke their nose in your business, leaving traces of your payment history, or even blocking your account because of “suspicious” activity, is something we shouldn’t deal with.

That’s why we’ve got Bitcoin, a safer way to handle your money, store it, and keep your name out of receipts. The connection between the anonymous payment and adult content on cam sites is obvious, you couldn’t have wished for a better way to pay for hours of online fun.

What really sets the tone on Chaturbate is the number of performers, which go in the thousands. You will really have the options to pick and choose, find specific shows, or simply go with the top shows which are featured on the homepage.

The first thing you have the options to choose are Female, Male, Couple, and Trans tabs, some will overlap with each other, but it will not pose an issue. To make things easier, there are various tags which make the search much easier, they are set by the models themselves, so you might find some unusual ones which are dedicated to certain fetishes.

The most popular chatrooms usually have thousands of viewers each, so you can’t really expect the models to go private, but you’re always welcome to join and cooperate with your fellow likeminded people to see an orgasm unfold before your very eyes, and it will feel even better if your tip is one of the reasons it’s happening.

If a model has, say, 100 viewers, even though it seems like much and they are close to the top, don’t hold back from asking for a private show, chances are they will gladly go for it. Still, you can go for even less popular performers, some new faces on the block, and maybe you’ll find a hidden gem amongst them, a true pleaser.

Whatever kind of shows you want, Chaturbate will have it for you, it’s hard to top them and find someone who does it better, especially when you’ve got a Bitcoin account to keep your anonymity and money locked behind impenetrable doors, and only you’ve got the key.

LiveJasmin Bitcoin Porn Site

Live Jasmin Live Cam Site

If you’ve ever wondered how it would feel to be pampered, taken care of, and served by extremely beautiful, professional entertainers, LiveJasmin is your answer. The prestigious feel to this Bitcoin porn site and the top-shelf quality of service cements its place as a leader in a highly contested market.

Certain standards that are held are one of the main reasons why it’s the favorite cam site for many. The HD quality of cams is a must, which can’t be said for a lot of others, there is no nudity in the live chat so both the model and the user can focus on kinky private cam2cam’s, and every new, improved payment option is welcomed with arms wide open.

Click Here To Visit LiveJasmin Site!

Where others are limited to credit cards and other archaic payment options, LiveJasmin has dared to include pretty much any other you can imagine, and most importantly – Bitcoin. The reason being our privacy, followed closely by financial safety.

An average user might not even think of those two points, but they should, risking someone you don’t want to, finding out what you’ve been doing online could be career-threatening, or just cause some general problems.

Are you looking for some other quality Bitcoin porn sites other than LiveJasmin? You just have to go to the BitcoinPornSite.com and you will learn about them today.

Additionally, the internet is full of scammers, hackers, and other thieves who would gladly stick their hands down your pockets, but blockchain technology makes it impossible for you to lose money. I’m sure you’re already met with the benefits, but it never hurts to share some words of wisdom with someone who might need it.

The moment you create an account and choose a payment method, it’s time for the next step, how many credits? It depends on how hard you are to satisfy and what kind of shows you’re looking for, certain fetishes might be a bit more expensive, but only if they are rare and out of the ordinary.

On average 1 credit is $1, and the more you buy, the more you get, so it’s always nice to scoop up some extra credits if you’re looking for long-term engagement with models.

Most of the shows are 1-3 credits per minute, and they can go up to 10 or even more, but it’s mostly used to call a model while they’re absent, and you need them specifically. You can also go with newbie models, if you’re new yourself, then it’s definitely a good way to start your journey and relax with someone who’s just starting their camming career, and on top of that, the shows are 1 token or less.

You get to be picky-choosy with models, there are a lot of them, and you can find out more from their bio and ratings, both of which will give you deeper insight on if it’s worth to go private or not. Almost all of them, though, are very professional and know how to pull at your heartstrings, seduce you, and give you exactly what you’ve been craving for.

With LiveJasmin, you always know what you’re getting, a fantastic, user-friendly interface, which despite its simplicity has everything a customer needs and more, exceptional shows, and fantastic customer support.

As a cherry on top, we get to choose the best way to pay for their service, protecting our identity and money with Bitcoin, by using all the advantages of blockchain technology in our favor.

Bitcoin Porn Sites Are The Future

It never hurts to be ahead of the competition, and adult sites are usually fast to implement new technologies, features, or whatever gives them the edge. The same can be told about payment options, long have gone the times of paper money, credit cards replaced them, but even they are inferior to online payment options in certain aspects.

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Anonymity is what people crave nowadays, in the digital era it’s getting harder to reach it, but it’s time to backtrack a little bit, and use the advantages of blockchain technology so consumers could fully embrace their true selves by using BTC. A lot of us don’t like revealing what it is we do in our private lives, and we have the full right to keep it hidden while doing what we love without any obstructions.

The connection between crypto and porn is obvious, we enjoy satisfying ourselves with a fetish or rubbing one out while camming with a sexy chick, or a guy, but other people don’t have to know everything, and more often than not, when we pay for these kinds of stuff there are traces leading back if we’re not carefully disposing of all the evidence after using credit cards or PayPal.

There’s no need to go through all the dreading and suspense, you can get rid of all the negative sides of online payment options with Bitcoin. One of the most important things is that your name is not connected to an e-wallet, but even then, there are layers of protection gating you from the website that’s getting the payment.

With banks having your name, it’s close to impossible to get away from the government, or your boss, because pieces of information about your private life can easily be obtained through credit card statements. It’s imperative to your secrecy that those kinds of intel stay private and it’s exactly what you get with Bitcoin.

It’s easy to purchase some tokens on live cams which are one of the most popular adult sites, the transfer is instantaneous, safe, and you can enjoy whatever it is that gets you turned on. In the recent past, we have seen a rapid increase in porn sites that are embracing cryptocurrency, obviously, the consumers have been vocal about their desire to pay with Bitcoin, and it is starting to take a lead in the virtual world.

There are a lot of websites that are exclusively in the business of charging their users through Bitcoin, and as it gains popularity, more are going to emerge, and even some existing ones could switch to this kind of a model.

You are granted total freedom to do with your money as you see fit, no statements, e-mails, or anything else that can be found out by someone you don’t want to, so no one could even know that you’re loaded with bits if you want to keep it that way. Sometimes it’s better to stay safe than sorry, and Bitcoin truly is the way of the future for porn sites, without a doubt it is granting their users benefits on multiple levels, created by people for people.

Pay For Porn With Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin nowadays should be a number one payment option for all the lovers of porn in every way, shape, or form. It’s a smart way to keep your privacy only to yourself, after all, you don’t want someone sniffing around your private life, and with Bitcoin, you are staying anonymous in the true meaning of the word. No connections to banks, unlike credit cards or other payment options, you don’t have to link anything to your account, and on top of that, you don’t have your name all over it or even a confirmation e-mail that can be dug up.

If you happen to browse through some sexy chicks, shemales, or guys on live webcam sites like LiveJasmin or Flirt4Free, there’s no need to dread whether or not someone is going to find out that you rubbed one out with some marvelous models. With the cryptocurrency, you’re simply not taking any chances at being compromised by your sniffy girlfriend when a credit card statement gets on your doorstep and she’s the first one to read it, bawling her eyes out, calling you a pervert, and kicking you out of the apartment that you’ve paid the rent for.

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These sites are without a doubt one of the best in terms of performers and the way they’re dedicated to pleasing their customers, and you will be on the receiving end, having your fun for a handful of bits. The best part? You have paid it with no traces that lead back to you, and it’s impossible to have recurring payments sneaking upon you, that’s the power of a blockchain-based currency.

No one is going to breathe down your neck for suspicious purchases, simply because it’s decentralized, there’s no country or a bank that has control over Bitcoin. Imagine if a bank clerk was calling to confirm that it’s you paying for pornographic content, and someone else picks up the phone, I wouldn’t like to be in your place, and you can save yourself the unpleasantries also by buying Bitcoin, and safely using it to feed your fetish.

Every day the number of websites which are using Bitcoin is on the rise, exponentially, and the majority of users like myself are not willing to pay with anything else, why should I risk exposing myself to anyone? That’s a chance I’m sure you don’t want to take either, and the fact that some of the most popular porn sites, older than Bitcoin itself, have opted into adding it to their long list of payment options is speaking volumes.

You can relax without looking over your shoulder for days, thinking someone you know is going to find out what you’ve been doing during those long, cold nights in a one-on-one cam with a mistress, who wasn’t so kind to you and made you do all kinds of pervy things. Your secret is staying locked behind a dozen steel-plated doors with Bitcoin and the protection it offers, we all love our privacy, and keeping it out of sight is made easy with the blockchain technology.

Why You Should Consider Bitcoin Porn Sites

There are now numerous payment possibilities to become a member of a steamy, hard core, porn website. You can use credit card, PayPal, Neteller and so much more. The safest way that you can pay for your porn membership and feel totally safe and sound, and not worrying that some hacker will take all your money from your account, is by using a crypto currency called Bitcoin.

Everybody knows that buying one Bitcoin will cost you more than five thousand dollars but, there is a solution so you do not have to spend so much money on having a whole digital coin.

Every crypto exchange website has an option where you can buy a small fraction of your crypto currency and Bitcoin is a part of that list. You can then transfer that portion to your favourite porn website and start enjoying those hot full HD porn videos. This brings us to our topic and that’s: Why you should consider Bitcoin porn sites?

By purchasing something with your credit card on the internet will leave some kind of trace and payment history on the bank statement. Buying regular everyday things can be easily explained to your loved ones, but how are you going to explain to your partner why did you pay for those naughty naked model pictures or videos?

In this case, if you get caught, you have a lot of explaining to do. You will also have to consider that hackers are also making suspicious websites that are hard to trace now and hard to identify to an untried eye.

On the other hand, if you are paying by Bitcoin on any other porn site you will become a 100% invisible customer with 0% chance for anyone else to see what are you doing with your crypto.

Total discretion is guaranteed and in today’s world that is something that everybody is considering of having for whatever the cost. A lot of customers are not so keen to be affiliated to any porn site and this is where your Bitcoin can show his biggest advantage.

By using this digital currency your payment becomes like a stealth ninja. No company, bank and even government, can see and find your spending on any of these adult websites. Bitcoins can offer you 100% anonymous payments because this digital payment is not tied to real-world entities and bitcoin addresses are not explicitly identified, but all transactions on the blockchain network are public.

When the porn industry starts using something new, in this case adding Bitcoin to a payment option, you know it’s useful for anyone. Porn entertainment systems have tested and implemented Bitcoin as a valuable partner so they can bring your safety and satisfaction to a total perfection.

Bitcoin vs. Credit Card Payments On Porn Sites

So, you found your favourite porn site and you would like to subscribe. When it comes to premium memberships, the next question is the payment, Bitcoin or credit card? There is an obvious hero between the two.

Yes, it is the underdog, the new guy on the block, BTC aka Bitcoin. Let’s see what are the key differences between these two popular payment options on the internet.

Bitcoin first arrived on the internet back in 2008 and steady but shortly it became the world’s most popular cyber payment.

With Bitcoin transactions on any porn site, everything is safe, sound and secure. Everyone can finally be happy and satisfied with this digital payment. Simply put, it is a shopaholic’s heaven.

In Bitcoin transactions, in this particular example when it is going through the user’s wallet, let’s say, an exchange is happening, then the fee is zero and it is up to the exchange system (marketplace) to decide the fee for the transaction.

If you are using Bitcoin to make a payment on any adult website the transaction cost would be miserable and below one percent fee for that particular purchase.

If you are using credit cards to make payments on any porn site, it will cost you approximately three to five percent for any transaction.

When you are using Bitcoin to make a transaction there is no need to provide any kind of personal information or give additional info like name and physical address.

These transactions are done with the help of an anonymous alphanumeric or by QR code that can be executed on mobile devices. So when you put two and two together, we can certainly say that using your favourite digital crypto currency is the best way to go now a day.

If you are paying with your credit card and making transactions on porn sites, you are risking your wallet to be completely emptied by hackers who can easily acquire information from your card and account details while the transactions are processed by the payment gateways.

On the other hand, if you are paying by Bitcoin on any other porn site it is almost impossible to hack the magnificent blockchain network that is BTC so it is one hundred percent guaranteed. Not only that you are investing in your adult fantasies you are also investing in your personal cyber bodyguard, and his name is Bitcoin.

Make sure to see the list of best Bitcoin porn sites that are guaranteed to give you a lot of pleasure that you are craving for.

Bitcoin Porn Sites Are Solution For Anonymity And Freedom

Live Jasmin Live Cam Site

“They may take our money, but they’ll never take our freedom!” – William Wallace…almost. Original words were a little bit different than this statement but, the principal is the same. Let’s take a deeper insight of the famous words that were said a long time ago.

Anonymity and freedom is something that every internet user is dreaming of having when they are browsing. Now, depending on how you are using your free time and what porn websites you are visiting on daily basis some of them can offer you total anonymity and freedom (if they are using Bitcoin like LiveJasmin does) however some of them cannot.

If you are just casually scrolling through some basic new portals or, if you are into some adult websites, you got to be extra careful and go for that extra mile of awareness.

Speaking of porn sites, they are now building the foundation for protecting privacy and freedom of every single user who wants to register with them and pay to be a part of an adult world. I can totally understand them, since they are protecting not just you, but their models too.

Say you want to register for an adult website to relax and enjoy a private chatroom with a model. Of course you would be anxious and nervous, because you would be leaving your credit card number and every single information about your payment can easily be seen on your bank statement for everyone to see. This is where Bitcoin can play a valuable part of achieving total freedom and anonymity for anyone who wants to use and pay for your personal pleasure.

Webcam Sites are now accepting Bitcoin as an option for payment since they understand that more benefits are offered from this revolutionary digital payment than from traditional payment by credit card which now everyone is trying to put behind for good.

No one will know what you are doing with your Bitcoins since they are very well encrypted and untraceable, unlike credit card statements. Now, some countries in the world are going one step further, arresting people and sentencing them to jail if they are using credit cards to pay for something sketchy on adult websites.

Even if you are a tourist it can be really difficult for you because everyone is the same in the eyes of the law. Be safe and sound and, trust me when I tell you, it is easier to use Bitcoin. It is reliable, cheaper and you will have the one thing that you desire the most – freedom!

Bitcoins Expand To The Adult Cam Industry

Streamate Cam Site

We all love enjoying adult cams and in the modern world, we are offered many different platforms for watching and methods of payment.

With the endless content available online, there is something for everyone and it all depends on what rocks your boat. Since the content we watch can differ I am gonna focus on our shared passion for purchasing the best material for our fetish fantasies.

I have started using Bitcoins for purchasing content on porn websites and live cam sites like LiveJasmin and I can safely say that my life has changed a lot.

How many times have you bought something with your credit card on porn-related sites? If you are like me, the number of times is pretty high and there were a few times where things got a little heated between me and the wife.

I am sure some of you can relate but fear not as there is a solution to our little problem. By using Bitcoins you eliminate the possibility of the purchase history leading back to you in any way.

It represents the most efficient and safest way you can buy the content you wish without any problems. Some of you are still doubting but online payments with Bitcoin have been around for quite some time and they have never been more popular.

The reason is that most websites offer you a choice to pay in bitcoins and the websites oriented around the multi-billion dollar industry are no different.

More and more porn websites and live webcam sites give you the option of paying for your favorite content safely and anonymously on their platforms through the Bitcoin wallet.

That is right. No more threat of your wife or girlfriend finding out what you purchase online with your credit card.

With that in mind and the perks of fast and safe purchasing, I can safely say that Bitcoins and live cams are a perfect match.

Flirt4Free Accepts Bitcoin!

Flirt4Free Cam Site

Just a few days ago, a big live cam site named Flirt4Free began accepting the payments through Bitcoin and the guy from the F4F are not going to regret this move a one bit because there are thousands of horny men that have Bitcoin funds and want to spend them on their favorite models regularly.

I have been a big fan of Flirt4Free for years and they put a big smile on my face when I have learned about this amazing news.

You might see other Bitcoin porn sites that we feature here and we update our list pretty much every single day.

Does Streamate Take Bitcoin?

Streamate Cam Site

There is a lot of misinformation whether this legendary live cam site named Streamate takes Bitcoin as a payment option or not and many of the articles you can find are very outdated and confusing so let me make it all clear for you.

Well, I am addicted to live sex so I visit places like Streamate very frequently and I did check out if they really accept BTC and I found out that at the time of writing this article they do not do this (when it changes, I will surely update this information) but they do accept PP if you are using it.

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Live Jasmin Accepts Bitcoin!

Live Jasmin Live Cam Site

Do you have some Bitcoins and you want to spend them on the live sex cams? Well, I have got some very good news for you folks!

The popular porn site Live Jasmin lets you to purchase tokens with your favorite cryptocurrency BTC and even more than that, they will give you a nice bonus when you use this payment option this week.

If you are not familiar with the LiveJasmin, I have to mention that they have availability of oceans of horny performers (be it gay men, ladies and shemales) and they are one of my place to go to get some spicy live action every single night.

You can discover other Bitcoin cam sites that accept this that are using this decentralized digital currency for the payment transactions.

Chaturbate Accepts Bitcoin!

Chaturbate Live Cam Site

We are so happy to announce officially that the well known live cam site named Chaturbate started accepting Bitcoin as a payment option so now you can buy yourself tokens totally anonymous and get nasty with your favorite models without having to use your credit card or bank wire.

If you do not know anything about Chaturbate then I can tell you that it is the best place for amateur webcams on the web and it is all about the real live sex.

They have sections for females, males, couples and even trannies so whatever your sexual preferences are, you are going to get a ton of action while being there.

We hope that other awesome cam sites like Chaturbate will start using this most popular cryptocurrency as well and if you want to see the list of best Bitcoin porn sites then check out this link.